Integrated production control by G-Connect


Post Production 4.0

To remain successful in face of an increasing complexity of functions clear structuring and an intelligent organization of the various printing jobs are crucial factors. The higher level control system G-Connect developed by Gämmerler offers a reliable system for networking, synchronizing and monitoring of all production processes, necessary to ensure a perfect workfl ow.



  • Constant monitoring of the production process
  • Availability of real-time operating data for a
    perfect scheduling and calculation+
  • Minimizing of set-up times
  • Reduction of waste
  • Preventive maintenance intervals
  • Error storage analyses
  • Identifi cation of bottle necks

Post Production 4.0
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G-Adjust: presetting and fi ne adjustment
G-Adjust as digital “Job-Ticket“ comprises all relevant order-specific parameters for the electrical presetting of the line-components (various infeed modules, trimmers, compensating stackers, horizontal/vertical log stackers). Even during startup or during production it is still possible to effect fi ne adjustments. Corrections are directly stored in a central data base on the PLC, available for future productions.

G-Track: storage of job statistics
G-Track collects and automatically stores all job specific data on the PLC, with regard to settings, production, waiting- and down times as well as waste copies. This provides the basis for an evaluation to optimize the workflow.

G-Health: remote access
Highest flexibility for the operation of G-Connect is achieved using G-Health, due to the possibility of viewing and monitoring from anywhere the complete machine- and production data on various terminals. This can be done at a largeformat screen, directly at the machine or in the office, at the tablet or smartphone. The messages are visualized by means of a traffic light signal and detailed information is available by just touching the signal or by mouse-click.

G-Optimize: under control
To minimize waste upon production change G-Optimize monitors the total number of job specific copies currently in the installations. For this purpose the copies are counted, which are still in the dryer or in the folder, on conveyors or in trimmers or compensating stackers. For palletizing this total number is taken into account, so that there will be only a few surplus copies. When the required number of copies in the line has been reached, G-Optimize sends a signal to the printing press to switch it off or to initiate a plate change and a washing cycle. This module avoids clearing out the machine allowing the customer to profit from a considerable gain of time as well as of reduced costs of material.

G-Tour: just in time
Serving as routing program G-Tour ensures the correct execution of the order, that means that all pallets with the allocated bundles will be addressed to the correct destination in a predefined sequence.

G-Pack: correctly palletized
As a standard G-Connect includes for one robot-installation up to 15 preset pallet pattern sequences. Furthermore G-Pack offers the possibility of storing individually adapted pallet patterns.

G-Label: individually addressed
The fully automated production of print products does not end after trimming and stacking. For routing purposes and the identification of bundles and pallets an automated placing of cover sheets may be required to dispatch an exact number of products sorted according to postal zip code. For a centralized control of this production step G-Label provides via G-Connect an interface to labelling systems.

G-View:remote view
To get an overview of the current production and in particular to be able to watch the robot inside its protected area the camera-system G-View allows the operator to observe at any moment the movements of the robot loading the pallets in accordance with the preset pallet pattern.

G-Cloud: storage, analysis, prevention
The extension G-Cloud is a module to store all recorded machine- and production parameters in a customer-specific data base (based on SAP Hana) and to retrieve them for error diagnoses. Real-time analyses help to develop preventive maintenance models, offering our service the possibility of immediately identifying errors and to initiate the corresponding measures, as for example scheduling of a service technician or timely disposal of the required material. This option is another component to ensure a long-term availability of the installation.

G-Help: quickly found
G-Help is a digital manual offering suggestions for trouble shooting purposes which is essential for the operator in case of an error message. It identifies the error, shows where is has occurred, indicates the cause and suggests the solution of the problem.

G-Remote: the direct line to the Gämmerler-Service
If the assistance of the Gämmerler Service-Team is needed, G-Remote will establish via a secure internet access the direct connection of the postpress system to Gämmerler, allowing the Service-Team as part of real-time monitoring amongst others a fast error diagnosis as well as the direct access to software updates.