Log Stacking– integration of latest Technology

SH 700

Automatic, horizontal Log Stacker

Technological lead integrated: When the products for catalogues and magazines, printed in offset- and gravure processes, are leaving the press, speed, preciseness and highest efficiency are essential requirements. Whether the print runs are low or high: The Gämmerler Log Stacker Type SH700 is able to meet the demanding tasks. Because this machine allows you to take advantage of a fully automated horizontal technology, developed by Gämmerler to ensure the perfect flow of processes between the printing press and the bindery.

Advatages SH 700

  • Open, safe access to the log-building area
  • Ergonomic machines design
  • Ultrasonic strapping for high availability
  • Precise inserting of the endboard by means of a servo-driven gripper
SH 700
Gaemmerler-TF 660 Einzelgreiffoerdersystem	Zeichnung Massangaben
Throughput 110000 sec./log (depending on printed product and log length)
Cycle min. 18 Sek./Stange (depending on printed product and log length)
Formats A 100 – 330 mm
B 200 – 500 mm
Log length pressed 800 – 1200 mm
SH 700 horizontaler Stangenbilder Gaemmerler
SH-700 horizontaler Stangenbilder zwei Rechen-System Gaemmerler
SH-700 horizontaler Stangenbilder Touchpanel Gaemmerler