Conveying – Flexibility and safety



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TF 660

Flexible single gripper conveying system

Conveying of Single Copies at High Speed: the TF 660 is a single gripper conveying system for newspapers and commercial-style products for any distances and heights. Even at highest speed the TF 660 delivers copies from the folder delivery to the finishing line in a controlled, safe and flexible manner.

Advantages TF 660

  • Low wear due to plastic chain, short gripper distance and steel profile
  • Quiet conveying also at high press speed
  • Flexible layouts of conveying line
  • High conveying performance
TF 660
Gaemmerler-TF 660 Einzelgreiffoerdersystem	Zeichnung Massangaben
Conveying section as requested – 1 drive motor each for approx. 35 m of conveying section
Output 90.000 ex./h for 1:1 (1 copy per gripper)
120.000 ex./h for 2:1 (2 copies per gripper)
Pagination 4 – 128 Tabloid, 4 – 64 Broadsheet
Format range A x B min. 110 x 150 mm
A x B max. 350 x 500 mm
Gaemmerler TF 660 Aufnahmestation Grafische-Industrie
Gaemmerler TF 660 Greifer Post Press Gelting Geretsried
Gaemmerler TF 660 Post Press Geltin Geretsried

FS 260

Overhead Belt Conveying System

Flexible and Reliable Transport of Shingle Streams: customized to fit each plant’s needs, the FS 260 shingle stream conveying system is well suited to gravure and commercial production environments. Copies are conveyed between two endless belts and are stabilized by spring-loaded clamp rollers that automatically adjust to fit a wide variety of products. At the same time the quality of the shingle stream is preserved. The low-noise FS 260 is composed of flexible modules that combine to meet any distance or height requirement. These standardized components reduce installation costs while a minimal number of moving parts keep maintenance low.

Advantages FS 260

  • Gentle, low-noise copy transport
  • Conveying of multiple product formats
  • Flexible layouts of conveying line
FS 260
Gaemmerler-TF 660 Einzelgreiffoerdersystem	Zeichnung Massangaben
Conveying speed 80 m/min. (263 ft/min) (higher speed on demand)
Shingle thickness max. 40 mm (1.6″)
Copy width min. 140 mm (5.5″)
max. 500 mm (19.7″)
Conveying distance per drive 60 m (197 ft) ( depending on the line-design)


Flat conveyor systems

The overall performance of a system is only as good as the weakest link. Conveyor belts are often underestimated. When conveyor systems are not perfectly coordinated with the respective application, the result can be the failure of millions of euros of upstream production systems.

Gämmerler conveyor belt systems pursue precisely this aim: perfect coordination with the application. This starts with the wide variety of modules in our flat conveyor technology, and ends with the overall construction. Our focus is on the individual layout of the conveyed products, and adaptation to the local structural conditions.


Benefits of flat conveyor systems

  • Perfectly coordinated with your application
  • Individual layout of the conveyed products
  • Adapted to local structural conditions