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Many years of expertise in the field of robot handling and logistics

Automation via robot technology is one of the core competencies of Gämmerler GmbH. We have decades of experience in the field of robot handling and logistics, with hundreds of specially developed, customer-specific systems at various different levels of automation.
Our focus is always on a standardised application that is simple to operate. The area of application is inexhaustible and includes both pick & place, as well as complex installation and handling applications.
Starting with planning a system, creating layout plans, robot simulations, construction, production and programming, all the way through to installation and commissioning – every step of the implementation of your individual requirements takes place here in our company. No matter if your project is a new investment or an expansion: The use of robot-supported automation technology creates unchanged peak values in the ROI.

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Industrial Robot Automation

Industrial robot systems from Gämmerler are often fixed in one position in the production process and are usually configured to perform repetitive tasks quickly and with high precision in a three-shift operation. They are controlled by application-specific software. Gämmerler has more than a decade
of experience in this field. As early as the mid-nineties, Gämmerler was already installing the first jointed-arm robots for complex assembly tasks.
Support robots are another form of industrial robot that were developed for interaction with humans. The applications are equipped with extremely sophisticated sensor technology. These are often used as logistics robots in the field of intralogistics. Gämmerler works with professional partners, enabling us to implement your specific requirements while acting as a general contractor.

Robot Technology

Internal Transport Logistics (Intralogistics)

As well as the above-mentioned logistics robots, Gämmerler deals with almost all aspects of internal goods transport. This ranges from simple conveyor belts to complex overhead systems, all the way through to driverless transport systems.

Applications – Automation (Special Machine Construction)

Standard machines don′t always fulfil the necessary requirements for production. That′s why Gämmerler will work with you to develop a special machine that meets your requirements.
3D-supported design plays a key role. After the design is complete, all the parameters of the customer specifications are compared with the technical specifications of the machine before production.
Only then are the drawings released for production.

Mechanical Engineering
System Design

Control and Monitoring Automation 4.0

Only by understanding the production process can we identify errors and prevent their repetition, thanks to our control software. This means generating trend reports and detailed logs as a matter of course. Interdisciplinary communication also plays a decisive role.
This includes not only the communication itself, but also the processing of signals. For example, a typical Gämmerler signal loop is formed through the transfer of data by the main computer unit of a process control system to a second control unit via an industrial bus system in order to control the respective positioning axes. The modified data are then sent back to the main computer unit; there, the new position is double checked, so that additional position correction data can be sent to the positing axis control unit, if necessary. In this scenario, multiple communication protocols are used with different physical layers.
Software Development