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Merten Group acquires Gämmerler

The Merten Group, who has been present on the market for decades, with their own brand INLOG as well, has  acquired 100 % of the Gämmerler GmbH. It is our intention to establish the Gämmerler GmbH in our Merten Group as a sustainable, efficient unit and to continue business as an independant company for service and spare parts supply for the existing Gämmerler machines and installations. Depending on the market needs and after having made a precise market analysis, individual proven Gämmerler products will be integrated into the portfolio of the Merten Group. Mr. Benjamin Jung, the former Operations Manager has been entrustet with the Management Direction of the Gämmerler GmbH. As to Customer Service Mr. Markus Gasteiger as Authorized Representative will still be at your disposal as before. You as customer will not only profit from the acquisition of Gämmerler GmbH, ensuring a sustainable, secure service and spare parts support, but at the same time you will benefit  from the expansion of the combined market competence for future innovative demands. We are looking forward to a good, constructive and successful cooperation. Best regards KommR  Peter Merten sen. Geschäftsführer

2022-03-15T12:20:13+01:00February 16th, 2022|

PRINT PRODUCTION „ON THE FLY“ – the keyword for the future

A postpress system of highest efficiency and flexibility, this was the requirement Gämmerler had to fulfill. No question Gämmerler rose to the challenge by developing and implementing a future-oriented installation at the customer’s printing plant. The possibility for a continuous change from one pre-set printing job to the next one without stopping the press and losing precious time – “On the Fly” at full press speed – is just one of the key features to achieve the required goal. The link to the Gämmerler G-CONNECT Logistic System allows the components of the postpress line – overhead conveying system FS260, compensating stacker KL565, as well as palletizing robot PR460 with double gripper and slipsheet feeder – to be in permanent data-exchange with the MIS-System, in order to ensure an uninterrupted transparency of the production-process. Reliable tracking facilitates tracing of each individual printed product in the overhead conveying system, as well as of the created bundle in the downstream line, and therefore ensures a precise net count, reducing the risk of an over- or underdelivery. The logistic control of the compensating stackers, bundle lines and robots, that means the allocation of the bundles resp. pallets in accordance with the destination/postcodes, enables the individual processing of the bundles within a production and therefore meets the consequent demand for small, target group oriented circulations. Once again Gämmerler has faced the current challenges of the market and successfully realized a postpress line which due to its efficiency corresponds to the customer’s [...]

2021-01-20T17:06:23+01:00January 20th, 2021|


Gämmerler, one of the leading manufacturers for postpress machinery and installations have on stock a number of tested and ready to use second hand machines, which we can offer you at highly interesting prices. We also offer full range of spare parts and service packages, price on request and can arrange transportation of the machines to your site, at cost. Hereafter a list of the machines that are available at present. 2 Rotary Trimmers Type RS164 with Double-Knife-Technology 1 Compensating Stacker Type KL 560 1 Compensating Stacker Type ZL800 2 Cross Strappings SMB Inline 2 Blocking Modules VM500 2 Horizontal Logstackers SH700 1 Palletizing Robot Type PR500 and in addition various curves and conveyors For further questions please get in touch with our Sales Managers. Erich Wirthwein Tel.: +49 / 8171 / 404.200 wirthwein@gaemmerler.de Hubert Hasselmann Tel.: +49 / 8171 / 404.320 hasselmann@gaemmerler.de We are looking forward to receiving your call or an e-mail.   Symbol photo RS164 Symbol photo KL560 + ZL800 Symbol photo SH700 Symbol photo PR500 Symbol photo VM500 Symbol photo SMB-Inline

2020-10-13T13:40:10+02:00October 13th, 2020|

„New“ among the Gämmerler compensating stackers

Based on Siemens’  latest developments in control and automation technology, Gämmerler has expanded its range of compensating stackers with the models  KL/545-S and KL/565-S. The Siemens control system S7-1500 and the latest components of drive technology are further enhancing the machine, operating with the proven Gämmerler LiftPack-technology. Additionally a  TP-1200 PRO operating panel with new visualization and control logic serves as HMI-Interface, significantly increasing operator settings and information. In addition to the benefits for operator settings and information, the further options of data processing and sharing for G-Connect applications are a big advantage. Combined with the further advanced Gämmerler  G-Connect-Software it is possible to interchange all relevant machine data for up and downstream processing, such as the number of copies per bundle, the number of layers, product tracking, bundle tracking, job-memory, G-Adjust, G-Tour, G-Optimize and G-Health. Thus the KL/545-S and KL/565-S are fully prepared for future tasks in the logistics sector. Equipped with the PROFINET interface the machines meet today’s industry standards. This compensating stacker significantly underlines Gämmerler’s philosophy of a continuous adaption  to the permanently changing market conditions, to achieve optimization of efficiency and productivity of machines and installations for the customer, through automation and flexibility.

2020-06-24T14:18:06+02:00June 24th, 2020|

„Smart – Services“ at Gämmerler

Via remote servicing Gämmerler conducts commissionings using data glasses!For Gämmerler the Corona crisis has caused a backlog in commissioning, particularly in the USA and China. But, also, in many other parts of the world scheduled services could not be carried out. Gämmerler evaluated the use of the effectiveness of data glasses a year ago. This has given our service team motivation and an innovative spirit allowing us to meet our customer’s expectations."I am sure that with this industry leading innovation our first-class service has become even more attractive by the use of data glasses," says Gämmerler’s Service Team-Manager Tobias Pichler."The high challenges of a 24/7 life demand solutions which are state of the art. That is what our customers expect and what we strive to provide." says Tobias Pichler. The main application areas are including the following interactions. Remote-Assistance on customer-owned terminals Click - Connect - Communicate Handsfree Cooperation – virtual shoulder view by means of data glasses Immediate Knowledge Transfer - for an audiovisual communication Assisted Reality - workflow-management, work instructions, check lists, etc. Our Customer service will be glad to give you more detailed information on Data Glasses Your Gämmerler - Team “The high challenges of a 24/7 life demand solutions which are state of the art. That is what our customers expect and what we strive to provide.” says Tobias Pichler.  

2020-06-19T10:38:49+02:00June 18th, 2020|

Burda Druck: Print is strong – but with Gämmerler Postpress it is even stronger!

In times of Covid-19 anticyclical investments have become a saying. But above all the decision for an investment is, that you have to believe in the printed product. Burda Druck, one of the most important players in the field of commercial and magazine printing in Europe, believes in “Print” and has invested in the future of his company sites in France, Offenburg and Nuremberg this year, strongly focusing on availability, flexibility and automation of the postpress systems. The decision to install Gämmerler systems has been based on previous experiences of postpress installations with Gämmerler." Our partnership has admittedly been tested in every way but has succeeded because of a mutual respect in discussions and to ultimately leave no stone unturned to meet the partners expectations", says Erich Wirthwein (Managing Director of Gämmerler). The decision of Burda Druck to install at the three locations the new Gämmerler compensating stackers KL/545-S combined with the blocking module VM/500 and to replace existing compensating stackers, proves we can meet and deliver expectations. Furthermore investments into a complete double-stream postpress line including robotic palletizing have been made to expand the capacities for finished products at the company site in Nuremberg. The circulations and paginations of finished products for the so-called retail market remain nearly unchanged, which is an ideal condition for rotogravure printing. The Gämmerler system comprises the overhead conveying system FS/260 directing the printed products to the log stacker, floor conveying systems, two double stream trimmers RS/234 and two fully [...]

2020-05-26T13:07:33+02:00May 26th, 2020|

Progressive Automation at King Fahd

The two Gämmerler log palletizers PL700 recently supplied to King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex with log gripper and pillar crane for the automation of the postpress processes of the customer’s ROTOMAN have successfully been put into operation. The Saudi Arabian printing company, who has relied on Gämmerler since the year 2004 using six vertical log stackers in total, is convinced of the quality and reliability of its Gämmerler finishing systems installed on the presses KBA C217 and ROTOMAN.

2019-08-14T14:58:16+02:00January 21st, 2019|

Gämmerler signs cooperation contract with GOSS China

Following the Exhibition All in Print 2018 in Shanghai the 100% owned subsidiary of Blue Cap AG, Gaemmerler GmbH based in Geretsried-Gelting, was able to agree a cooperation with the renowned manufacturer of web offset – and packaging printing presses Goss Graphic Systems (China ) Co. Ltd. The contract includes having Gämmerler machines manufactured and distributed under license by Goss Graphic Systems (China) Co. Ltd. in the Chinese and Southeast-Asian market. "By signing the major order, Gaemmerler GmbH is successful in expanding its long-standing presence in the Asian region and also intensifying its strategic cooperation with Goss Graphic Systems (China) Co. Ltd.,” commented Erich Wirthwein, Managing Director of Gaemmerler GmbH as to the conclusion of the contract. "Gaemmerler has a considerable expertise in the Chinese weboffset market and has the chance to expand by being partner of Goss Graphic Systems (China) Co. Ltd. This strategic cooperation is another step for the reorientation of the German specialist of postpress equipment and intra-logistics. Due to its new software solutions Gämmerler has become a cross-industry provider of materials handling technology, process control systems and robot handling. Thus, after a difficult restructuring process, Gämmerler is positioning itself on a broader base as to technological and customized solutions, without leaving its core segment; the printing industry.   Company profile Gämmerler GmbH For more than 40 years Gämmerler has been among the leading manufacturers of postpress equipment in commercial and newspaper printing. Under the generic term [...]

2019-09-06T09:04:21+02:00December 17th, 2018|

Successful start-up of the postpress line for the second 80-page Lithoman at Franklin Web’s ‚Supersite‘ in Huntingwood/Australia.

Not long ago Gämmerler commissioned the complex postpress system installed on the second 80-page Lithoman of Franklin Web, specialized in retail business and member of the listed IVE Group. The new line mirrors the system installed byGämmerler on the first Lithoman in 2017. Amongst others the customer benefits from a simplified operation since the two postpress lines that are nearly identical. Conveyors, trimmers type RS164 with double-knife technology, compensating stackers KL560 and two palletizing robots PR460, those are the main components of this high performance postpress line. Our competence and the reliability of the fully automated flexible postpress systems have been for many years the decision criteria to invest in technical solutions from Gämmerler, as trusted partner of Franklin Web / IVE Group.

2019-08-14T14:57:09+02:00December 17th, 2018|
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