Not long ago Gämmerler commissioned the complex postpress system installed on the second 80-page Lithoman of Franklin Web, specialized in retail business and member of the listed IVE Group.

The new line mirrors the system installed byGämmerler on the first Lithoman in 2017. Amongst others the customer benefits from a simplified operation since the two postpress lines that are nearly identical. Conveyors, trimmers type RS164 with double-knife technology, compensating stackers KL560 and two palletizing robots PR460, those are the main components of this high performance postpress line.

Our competence and the reliability of the fully automated flexible postpress systems have been for many years the decision criteria to invest in technical solutions from Gämmerler, as trusted partner of Franklin Web / IVE Group.

Gämmerler Inbetriebnahme Weiterverarbeitung Sydney